1. The Registrant may transfer the domain name to another Registrar over the course of
the domain name registration period. No reasons other than those stipulated by these
Terms and Conditions can be invoked to reject the transfer.
2. The Registrar (“Donor Registrar”) transferring the domain name to another Registrar
may not charge the Registrant for transferring the domain to another Registrar (“Recipient
3. The Recipient Registrar may not reject the transfer, if the Registrant follows these
Terms and Conditions and the Agreement, unless the registry contains inaccurate data
about the Registrant or the Recipient Registrar believes that the Terms and Conditions
were not complied with during domain name registration.
4. The domain transfer and actions of the involved parties shall be governed by the
Regulations “On the procedure applicable under domain name transfer to another
registrar”, which is an integral part hereof.
5. Prior to processing the Registrant’s application for the domain transfer, including the
issuance of the AuthInfo code, the Donor Registrar may verify the Registrant’s data in the
кegistry and suspend the processing of the application until the verification in accordance
with clause 9.3.6 of the Terms and Conditions is completed.
6. The Registrant transfers the domain name by submitting an application to the
Recipient Registrar.
7. The domain name shall be deemed transferred when the information about the new
Registrar is entered in the registry.
8. The Registrant may not transfer the domain name to another Registrar:
1) if domain name registration period has expired;
2) within thirty days from the receipt of administration rights by the Registrant from
another person;
3) within thirty days from the change of the Registrar in charge of the domain;
4) if the Registrant fails to satisfy Registrar’s request to provide, in a timely manner, data
and documents as per clause 9.3.7 of the Terms and Conditions.
5) in the event of any restrictions in the registry that make it impossible to transfer the
domain name to another Registrar under the Terms and Conditions and/or the Policy.
If the transfer procedure was launched, it shall be terminated in case of one of the aforementioned events has occurred.

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